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Half-Life Hefeweizen
Get yer wheaties! Made with 60% wheat, this crisp, cloudy and slightly sour beer is served with a slice of lemon and is very drinkable. “Made for a woman, but strong enough for a man”.

Atomic Amber
Deep amber in color with big malt flavor utilizing Northwest hops for bitterness and aroma. Delicious and very drinkable. Goes great with our bratwurst.

Plutonium Porter
A dark, full-flavored ale with a rich, roasted slightly sweet malt flavor with a mild hop finish. Balanced chocolate malt roastiness with crystal malt sweetness. “Don’t be afraid of the dark”.

Chinook IPA
The taste of this golden colored ale is dominated by hops, but contains an appropriate level of malt flavor as well. An intense but clean bitterness and hop flavor with citrus overtones reminiscent of grapefruit and orange.

Oppenheimer Oatmeal Stout
Full and dark – generous dark malt and hops - but surprisingly mellow and smooth. With a 6.0% alcohol content, this beer will really blow you away!

Seaborgium 106 Scottish Ale
This ale is made in a rather unique way compared to our regular brews. We use 50% more malt, including imported pale malt from the UK, mash the malt at higher temperatures using traditional Scottish methods, and ferment it slowly at cooler temperatures. These brewing methods require great care, but result in a full-bodied and deliciously malty Scottish style ale. Element 106 has recently been named Seaborgium in honor of the life-long efforts of the late G.T. Seabor – nuclear chemist and discoverer of plutonium. We thought it would be similarly fitting to name this beer Seaborgium 106 Strong Scottish Ale.

Burks Blonde
Our first brew is back by popular demand. This is a light, clean tasting beer with a medium hop finish. For those of you who like domestic beer, this ale is a good first step towards more full-flavored hand-crafted beers. A perfect quencher for lite fare and warm summer days.

IP2A - International Proton Pale Ale (version 3.14)
This beer is the result of the anarchy that ensues when you let technical types run wild in the lab or brewhaus. Logistic limitations disappear as our collection of US hop varieties temporarily expand to include an International pot-pouri of hops from the United States, Europe, and Australia. These hops are scientifically chosen to provide an intense but clean bitterness and hop flavor appropriate for this style of IPA. Based on current understanding of hop chemistry and our desire to use the latest technology, we used pelletized hops to achieve the bitterness and hop flavor. The taste of this golden colored ale is dominated by hops, but contains an appropriate level of malt flavor as well.

B-17 Brown Ale
The words “mild” and “brown” are two of the oldest terms used to describe English beers. Brown ales used brown malts which were kilned over a hardwood fire and originally had a smoky flavor. Brown ales became the overall term used to distinguished the darker stouts and porters from beers made with pale malts. Often, a stout and then a porter was drawn from the same mash of brown malts. Our B-17 Brown Ale uses seven different grains and three different hops to give it a complex malt profile and body with medium hops.

Backscatter Blackberry Wheat
No extracts please! We used twenty-five pounds of real blackberries per barrel of beer, to give our first berry beer a fresh and natural blackberry taste. Using a light wheat ale base, our Backscatter Blackberry Wheat beer has a light bready undertone with a hint of blackberries. With a bright berry color, this beer is a fun diversion from our typical ales. A great summer brew!

Snake Spice Ale
Named for the river - not the reptile, this brown ale is spiced with fresh orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spice and “eye of newt”. This was our first seasonal beer when we opened in February of 1997 and it is back by popular demand for the Holidays. With a light brown color and a mild malt profile, this is a very smooth spice beer with lots of aroma. Try a pint of our special Holiday cheer!

Jim’s Radioactive Rye
This fine ale starts with 18% Rye to make a medium bodied beer. Fuggles hops are added after the boil during the whirlpool to impart plenty of hop aroma. This is a nice summertime ale for those who enjoy hops but not a heavy beer.

Dysprosium DunkelWeisen
Dunkel is German for dark and Weisen is German for wheat. Yes, you guessed it - this is a dark wheat beer. It is medium brown in color and is a mild, full-flavored brew. The rich, unfiltered body holds a dark wheat flavor while a medium dose of hops follows with a slightly bitter bite.
A rich complex beer for our cooler fall weather. – or – A great summer dark beer for both light and dark beer lovers.

Rad Dog Russian Imperial Stout
Handcrafted from the finest radioactive waste and aged underground for years in traditional leaky tanks. Following recipes so secret that even “they” don’t know what know what ends up in the tanks. Our brewers have created the only ale “hot” enough to glow in the dark. Rad Dog Russian Imperial Stout – double mashed for that extra bite.

Happy Hippy Honey Red Ale

A new twist on the Honey Red. Plenty of Chinook hops create a citrus bitter front that mellows with the sweet maltyness and Fire Weed Honey to create a unique brew that is crisp and refreshing and sure to please most pallets from IPA to Amber drinkers.

KRA Strawberry Blonde
Named after our brewmaster’s wife, this light, easy drinking summer beer is brewed with fresh strawberries for a fun and refreshing taste.

Proton Pale Ale

In the tradition of Britain’s India Pale Ale which utilized a lot of hops to preserve the beer for the long journey to India, our pale ale is heavily hopped with a light maltiness and body.

The brewmasters at Atomic Ale labored intensely New Year’s eve 1999 on a special project designed to bring you the most massive beer ever produced at this establishment…

The Einstein Project - Over 400 pounds of pale malted barley were utilized in two separate mashes and two separate boils over the course of 12 hours. First, during the collection of the sweet solution (or wort) from the mash-tun, the initial most concentrated wort from each mash was separated from the remaining, weaker wort. Next, each of these worts were brewed separately to produce two different beers…

Einstein’s Enriched Barley Wine
The Einstein Project’s main goal was to produce a “barley wine” style product. Using only the most concentrated, or enriched part of the wort, this beer was brewed with UK Challenger kettle hops and domestic Centennial and Fuggles finishing hops. Einstein’s Enriched Barely Wine is a pale colored, malty, well-balanced ale that contains 8% alcohol by volume. Hence, the official, although sometimes misunderstood, designation of barley wine.

Einstein’s Depleted Blonde Ale
Not wanting to waste the potential to make perfectly good beer, the weaker, or depleted wort was boiled with domestic Northern Brewer kettle hops and imported German Hallertauer finishing hops, then fermented to yield a lighter-bodied, refreshing, blonde-colored ale. For those of you familiar with the beers at Atomic – Einstein’s Depleted Blonde Ale is similar in strength and taste to our Burks’ Blonde.


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